Vol 2, No 94 (2010)

Actual Problems of International Relations

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17721/apmv.2010.94.2


Table of Contents


Democratisation perspectives of Arab East according to western analysts PDF (Українська)
Ю С Скороход, Л І Скороход
EU and nonproliferation of nuclear weapon PDF (Українська)
С П Галака
М С Дорошко, М Костіна
"Soft power" in modern global politics: theoretical aspects PDF (Українська)
М Г Капітоненко
EU foreign policy strategy on Turkey in the context of widening and deepening eurointegration PDF (Українська)
М А Миронова
Strategic monitoring of non-military means to achieve military and political goals of a state PDF (Українська)
І В Аблазов
Alternative approaches to historical sharia model in designing political reality within authentic Islamic tradition PDF (Українська)
В О Кушніренко
Transaction cost role in political decision making process (theoretical aspect) PDF (Українська)
М В Чабанна
Religion aspect in Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the beginning of XXI century PDF (Українська)
А М Захарченкo
Н П Литвиненко, Д Ополинська
Modern political and economic cooperation aspects of EU and Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Н Ф Сербіна, Т Корнійчук
Unresolved border isssue of Central Asia countries as the source of regional conflicts PDF (Українська)
І О Волошенко
Global cyberanarchism impact on modern international relations PDF (Українська)
О В Матвєєва
Military-political concept of Russian Federation: policy of strategic deterrence PDF (Українська)
А Г Цибуляк
U.S.- EU relations after Lisbon agreement ratification PDF (Українська)
Н І Копотун
Regionalization and its role in modern international relations system PDF (Українська)
А О Слабоус-Лущенко
Presidency of Spain in the European Union Council- the first test of "transition period" after the Lisbon Treaty PDF (Українська)
В В Халаджи
Gender issues and globalisation process in the Arab East region PDF (Українська)
Ж Б Ігошина
Military-technical cooperation as a component of ukrainian state policy PDF (Українська)
О О Софронов
Efficiency increase issue of prosecutor supervision of the migrants, refugees and stateless people rights protection law observance PDF (Українська)
В І Дяченко
International liability issue for lawfull activities PDF (Українська)
Д В Чорнобай
Conceptual framework of restrictions in international trade in services study PDF (Українська)
Р О Заблоцька
Global financial crisis impact on world economy PDF (Українська)
В І Мазуренко
Working environment safety: european aspect PDF (Українська)
П О Крись
Regulatory system of public procurement in Germany PDF (Українська)
В С Морозов
Competitiveness of a country as an economic category and development strategy PDF (Українська)
Ю В Полунєєв
Eonomic policy of european states PDF (Українська)
Л С Поліщук
Central and Eastern European states monetary systems in the context of national economies competitiveness maintenance PDF (Українська)
Д М Русак
Foreign investment policy of China: dynamics and main tendencies PDF (Українська)
Н Д Городня
International aspects of foreign trade in services management PDF (Українська)
Н О Іксарова
Banking system infrastructure development PDF (Українська)
Є М Бондар
International and national centers of E-commerce: evaluation and development prospects PDF (Українська)
Н О Дмитрієва
Real options in international projects investment risk management PDF (Українська)
Я В Підвисоцький
Multinational corporations theory formation: basis and development tendencies PDF (Українська)
О В Підчоса
Global custody as a diversification method of modern multinational banking business PDF (Українська)
А М Фрасинюк
Innovation development provision issue PDF (Українська)
Д В Глухова
Theoretical concepts of economic integration and foreign direct investments interaction in european region: part1 PDF (Українська)
О Ю Атаманчук

ISSN: 2308-6912