Vol 1, No 96 (2011)

Actual Problems of International Relations

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17721/apmv.2011.96.1


Table of Contents


The Speech by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Gorin Oleksandr Olegovych PDF (Українська)
O. O. Gorin
The Speech by Coordinator the System of UN in Ukraine Olivier Adam PDF (Українська)
O. Adam
The global challenges and risks to the world in 2010 -2015 years: the place and role of UN in these processes PDF (Українська)
S. O. Teleshun
С. П. Галака
The UN Security Council and the conflict in 2006 in southern Lebanon PDF (Українська)
Y. S. Skorokhod
The features of the work of diplomatic personnel of the Secretariat of the UN PDF (Українська)
M. M. Bilousov
The UN and contemporary challenges and threats to the international community and security in terms of globalization PDF (Українська)
I. G. Bilas
O. M. Shpakovych
The Ukrainian SSR – the state co-founder of the UN: an opinion of politolog of international relations PDF (Українська)
V. I. Golovchenko
The U.S. and the UN: some relationship problems PDF (Українська)
B. M. Gonchar
The position of the United Kingdom in the UN on issues of decolonization and the protection of subordinate areas PDF (Українська)
N. L. Yakovenko
The mega-economic aspect of post-crisis development PDF (Russian)
G. A. Bagratyan, I. S. Kravchenko
The UNESCO and the development of comparative law: 60th Anniversary of the International Association of Legal Science PDF (Українська)
O. V. Kresin
The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as a part of the universal human rights system PDF (Українська)
A. L. Fedorova
The documents of the UN in the field of protection of children from sexual abuse and exploitation PDF (Українська)
O. V. Shved
The collective self-defense: the UN Charter and law of the European Union PDF (Українська)
K. V. Smyrnova
The UN peacekeeping in the XXI century PDF (Українська)
O. Y. Kovtun
The international diplomatic search a solution of the Yugoslav crisis and UN's role in implementing the reached agreements PDF (Українська)
A. G. Gumenyuk
The UN’s activity to combat contemporary forms of slavery PDF (Українська)
O. V. Svyatun
The problems of restructuring of the UN Security Council PDF (Українська)
I. P. Cherinko
The modern democracy and national identity: continuity of design PDF (Українська)
Y. G. Ruban
The methodology for measuring gender equality for training of state reporting about human development and implementation of the UN Convention "On the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women" PDF (Українська)
N. V. Grytsyak
The dialogue of cultures and civilizations in the activities of the UN PDF (Українська)
O. A. Koppel, Y. Tsyrfa
The problem of the realization of children's rights and their best interests PDF (Українська)
L. A. Kushynska
The UN - a stage in the development of the concept of collective security PDF (Українська)
V. S. Rzhevska
The UN in the structure of mechanisms of regulation the post-bipolar system of international relations PDF (Українська)
O. S. Parhomchuck, V. O. Romanova
The place of UN in Chinese concept of a new world order PDF (Українська)
N. D. Gorodnya

ISSN: 2308-6912