Зона вільної торгівлі з ЄС як рушій європеїзації українського законодавства

Ірина Березовська


The article notes that the launch of a deep and comprehensive free trade area provided for the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, was the impetus for the new phase of Europeanization of Ukrainian legislation. The economic integration of Ukraine with the EU includes the mutual opening of markets for the majority of goods and services through extensive regulatory approximation. It is proved that due to Ukraine assumed obligations under the Agreement to approximate gradually legislation to the  EU norms and standards in trade and related industries the existing norms of Ukrainian legislation will be modernised based on EU aquis. It is determined that the Europeanization of the Ukrainian legislation is implementedvia two ways by establishing of principles, standards and rules of regulation common to all sectors (horizontal Europeanization) and by upgrading certain sectors of legislation (vertical Europeanization). The mechanism of sector’s Europeanization was demonstrated on example of the Ukrainian food law. The analysis shows that as a result of function of the EU- Ukraine FTA with the Europeanization is a system legal phenomenon that integrates Ukraine into the EU internal market and determines the direction of developpement of the entire legal system of Ukraine.

Keywords: Europeanization, the association agreement, a free trade zone, acquis EU, harmonization, legal approximation.


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