Formation of modern legal principles of cybernetic security of the European Union in the conditions of the spread of new innovative technologies

Ігор Забара


The article investigates the legal aspects of cybernetic security of the European Union in the current conditions of large-scale introduction of new innovative technologies. The author describes the previous periods of formation and development of the main directions of legal regulation of cybernetic security in the European Union and defines the features of the modern period of development. The article examines the legal aspects of the proposed European Commission initiative aimed at improving the European Union's cybernetic security system. The initiatives are aimed at the following goals, which improve the system of cybernetic security of the European Union, in particular, the creation of the European Union's resilience to cyberattacks and strengthening its overall capacity for cybernetic security; creation of effective criminal liability; strengthening global cybernetic stability through international cooperation.

Key words: innovation technologies, information society, European Union, cybernetic security, legal regulation.


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